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July 12th. Update to all: The Tempter runs! That is a VERY short synopsis of a crazy crazy month. Yes yes it DID run on saturday. Since then: The cam chain broke, the one bearing started to overheat, I drove to Lasalle, Illinois and bought a new engine, we put it together and it didn't work, I put the nice shiny head from Ottawa in and it worked, I ran out of gas, and I drove it all around and then drove it to the seminary. I leave Detroit early early tomorrow morning.

June 8th, 2005. Hello my name is Gavin, and this is my website, version 0.1. I am a recent graduate from Emmanuel Baptist Bible Institute in Moncton, New Brunswick! I decided to take a free seminary course in Detroit, MI. I am now stuck in Michigan and without transportation, so I'm hoping to make some money so I can get out of this town, hence the website (a lotta empoyers like to see a website with a Curriculum Vitae).


Here is my mugshot just in case you're wondering who I am. I don't let my face get photographed very often, so this photo is ... from 2003. I assure you I only got uglier in the meanwhile.

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